About Me

”As a busy mom of two I know what is it like to juggle family, work life and all that comes in between. I coach busy women who are serious about regaining their energy, vitality and zest for life.

I am very passionate about supporting clients to live their healthiest life and specialise in areas such as personalised nutrition, lifestyle practices, Aromatherapy for natural wellness and holistic beauty. I take a 360 degree approach in supporting clients to reach their optimum health and aesthetic goals”. 

My Story Starts in early 2015

I know only too well what can happen when illness strikes and when the body gets out of balance, looking back, I felt that perhaps I wasn’t educated enough on the value of self-care and in healthcare prevention strategies. Being diagnosed with a major illness in 2014 at the age of 40, it was like being thrown off the roundabout of life. I was thrown into limbo feeling very alone and scared. Whilst undergoing mainstream allopathic treatments, I decided to also educate myself on how I could support my own health and wellness, and this is how I found my passion for nutrition, lifestyle, self-care, and mindful living.

Since moving back to Ireland from Asia in 2015, I needed to gain a broader understanding of how the human body works and thrives in a balanced state, so I undertook four years of dedicated study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in Dublin and later qualified as a Nutritional therapist and Naturopathic practitioner. I then added to my skill set by further qualifying as a Health Coach, and Aromatherapist. I believe that I have the ultimate skillset and tools to support your health and well-being by using a natural modality that best suits your needs.

My mission in practice.

I founded Inspired Wellness to help support women to live a healthier lifestyle and practice preventive wellness. My deep passion is centred in natural health and wellbeing and in living as toxic free as possible.

However I am aware that not every person for various reasons feels the need to completely change their diet and lifestyle as making changes can be daunting, hence why I believe in taking a step by step approach in supporting you to break the cycle of possible unhealthy habits.

I believe a great way to approach making sustainable changes to diet and lifestyle is to find your own personal balance.

That’s why my focus is to help change the current system and mindset around what a healthy diet and lifestyle is in today’s fast-paced world.

In order to thrive in life, I believe that we need to create a new narrative for our health, wellbeing and environment going forward that’s why I have created bespoke wellness programmes to help support you on your transformational wellness journey.

Gina x

How can we support you with nutrition and lifestyle advice?

I believe that every person is unique so when there are imbalances in the body symptoms can be different for each person.  As a Nutritionist, Naturopath, Health Coach and Holistic Therapist I feel that I am able to offer a lot of sound science backed advice around a wide range of symptoms such as :

Hormonal symptoms -PCOS, Peri and Menopausal symptoms, weight gain, night sweats, blood sugar imbalance, sweet cravings, low energy levels, fatigue and mood changes.

Digestive symptoms – dysbiosis (leaky gut), reflux, halitosis, bloating,  diarrhoea/constipation etc.

Nervous system – stress, anxiety, headache, migraines, memory and concentration, depression, sleep disturbances.

Immune System – allergies, possible intolerances, atopic diseases such as asthma, eczema, lymphatic congestion, frequent infections, and presence of autoimmune disease.

Skin issues – acne, oily, dry, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, anti-aging etc.

How are all of our services connected?

I believe that in order to create homeostasis or balance in the body we need to consider mind, body and spirit hence why our wellness approach is all encompassing.

Our Wellness Programmes

Offers support and motivation to our clients in taking steps towards reaching their health goals by introducing personalised nutrition and lifestyle habits that not only to fit into their daily life but are also sustainable.

Skin Clinic

I believe that glowing healthy looking skin begins from the inside out with a little selfcare maintenance from the outside in. Our skin clinic offers a dual approach by offering individualised advice and targeted treatments to help support any skin concerns such as dull/dry skin, aging, pigmentation concerns, fine lines and wrinkles. Our concept is to support your goal of looking as good as you feel.

Spa Treatments

We understand that in today’s fast-pace world stress plays a massive role as a driver in most health conditions. Our individualised Spa menu and treatments are hand picked to support the reduction of stress whilst bringing back harmony and balance to help uplift the spirit!


As a trained aromatherapist I understand how the power of essential oils can enrich ones life in a more mindful natural beautiful way. I have used essential oils for years and can’t recommend them enough so if you are looking to support emotional and physical wellbeing with a more natural approach book in for a consultation.

Get Started on your Own Personal Wellness Journey, Today!